A PDC'08 Journal - Day 0: The PreCon

by sven 27 October 2008 03:22

The really bad thing about flying to L.A. ? The distance ... for a total 21 hours traveling time (train to Brussels Airport, flight to Munich, flight to LAX and a cab to the hotel), allocating one day for recovering was really needed. And of course there's enough to see in L.A. to fill the day !

The really good thing about flying to L.A. ? The distance ...it is so far away from Belgium that it really is another world over here ...coming from a gray, rainy 9°C to a sunny, no-clouds-in-sight +30°C really changes one's mood !

But, there is no time to enjoy the really nice weather. Today was PreCon day at the LA convention center !

I followed the "Performance By Design in .NET" sessions by Rico Mariani, Vance Morrison and Mark Friedman which went quite deep into all kinds of performance aspects in the .net framework. Since I've been a long-time reader of Rico's blog it was really nice to put a face to the name. Rico gave an introduction in why performance testing is important early on in the project, and not (which usually happens) only at the end. On the other hand, he warned not to get into the pitfall "premature optimization is the root of all evil".

Vance's session gave nice insight on .NET performance analyzing, and a demo of his nice tool MeasureIt. This tool can be found as an attachment to his MSDN article Measure Early, Measure Often. Other tools used were the CLRProfiler, Xperf & VaDump. 

Finally, Mark spent quite some time talking about ASP.NET scalability, performance and caching.  The day ended with some examples of performance diagnostics of WCF.

So, that was it for the PDC kick off. Too bad only one track could be attended, because the other tracks (WCF, Multicore & Parallelism, Agile, Silverlight, WPF,...)  seemed nice too, and the PreCon sessions will NOT be webcasted. (All other PDC sessions will be recorded and made available via the web.)

Fortunately some other Belgians have attended other tracks, so we can exchange the knowledge over dinner :)

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